Steel Jewelry: Metal of the Modern Era

Published: 12th May 2009
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Appearance has always played an important aspect in the lives of people even in ancient times. How the people of the past look gave scientists good hints on how they lived. And jewelries had always been a wonderful source of information in discovering what had been.

The use of jewelry can let us gather much information about the past because bracelets, rings and pendants had always been used to distinguish social roles and status. In some cultures, only the most powerful soldiers can receive a bracelet made of special warrior beads. A priestess' talisman necklace can tell us how a civilization practiced their religion. Seals of special documents made by the ring of a king can give us a glimpse to their governance. All these information can be learned through the study of jewelry.

And just like what we do today, future generations will describe us by how we look, to determine and to define the past. Our value, status and power will be measured by what kinds of jewelry we wore. How we look, what we wear and most of all, how we carry ourselves, tells people our story.

Thus, with the age of stainless steel jewelry getting more and more pronounced, why not express your worth with its form and style that is truly innovative, representing the character of the modern times.

More and more people are now getting interested with stainless steel jewelry due to its special characteristic to defy tarnish. The luster that stainless steel jewelry possess can rival those of silver, yet is far more affordable and durable, the reason of its popularity among the modern adventurous people. Stainless steel jewelry is hypoallergenic and can be worn by anyone, anywhere because the alloy can be made without the addition of nickel.

INOX gives everyone the chance to express themselves using a steel jewelry's distinct representation by providing high quality pieces in the most affordable prices.

People who enjoy wearing steel jewelry identifies its resistance to tarnish as representation of their power, firmness and resilience against trials; while its luster and durability symbolize value independent to monetary worth. Due to the increased popularity of steel jewelry, it is now a status symbol for people who see themselves as fashionable and stylish yet penny-wise and prudent. With the combination of the best aspects of fashion, economy and science, there is no other accessory that is more contemporary than stainless steel jewelry. Truly a metal of the modern era... steel jewelry is a great way to introduce yourself to the future.

Fashionable and prudent. INOX Steel Jewelry... I wear therefore I am.

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